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Extraordinary Crime;

At first Extraordinary Crimes referred to crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. but now crimes that harm many people are included in extraordinary crimes. Included in the Extraordinary Crimes are corruption, money laundering, illegal drugs, Ponzi schemes and pyramid, and securities fraud.

Our lawyers accompany our clients either in or out of the court, Police Office, Public Prosecutor’s Office, Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Office, Human Rights National Commission of Republic of Indonesia (Komnas HAM), Ombudsman RI, National Narcotics Agency (BNN) and other state agencies for the interest of advocacy.

Intellectual Property;

Our practice in intellectual property rights (“IPR”) , we assist companies in protecting their trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs and geographical indications in Indonesia from misuse.

We provide a comprehensive range of intellectual property-related services such as regulatory and compliance advisory, filing and registration of all forms of intellectual property, and enforcement of all forms of intellectual property in litigious and non-litigious matters, include representing clients before Indonesian authorities.

Banking, Finance & Insurance;

We represent foreign and domestic banks and other financial institutions in all aspects of banking and finance, including international financial organizations and development banks. One of our main practice areas is project finance. Other areas of expertise include syndicated loans, secured financing, structured finance. club-deals, loan participation, credit linked note, and export financing.

In term of Our insurance practice offers comprehensive legal advice to policyholders and insurance and reinsurance companies on all aspects of insurance law in Indonesia. We advise clients on matters of policy coverage – for example, in relation to property damage, professional indemnity, and product liability – as well as the creation, distribution, and servicing of insurance products in Indonesia. including if there is an insurance dispute up to dispute resolution procedures.

Land, Property & Real Estate;

Land rights are rights to control land by the state given to a person, group of people, or legal entities, both Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals. Land ownership in Indonesia is proven by the existence of land rights certificates, but disputes often occur with various problems such as overlapping, unclear ownership of land certificates and loss, including land ownership that still uses land rights that have not been converted. In addition to the process of granting land rights for land registration, we also assist in complex land acquisition.

Property and Real Estate in Indonesia is growing very rapidly, therefore knowledge is needed about it. Flats, Apartments, Office Buildings, Housing, Warehousing, Shophouses, Malls, Hotels, and Resorts, we help our clients for land acquisition, construction and licensing of buildings.

We also provide services such as the preparation of sale and purchase agreements and leases, compensation, building
management and PPPSRS, all aspects related to the Bank, credit guarantees, pledges, cessions and/or other property transactions,
including notary services.

Aviation, Maritime & Transportation;

We have knowledge and understanding of the global aviation and maritime industry including the operational, regulatory, commercial and insurance sectors. in the maritime sector, we help to accommodate the needs of ship owners and charterers in completing all permits and documents related to the delivery of goods and waste, coal, oil and other related matters, using ships including loading and unloading of ships in ports. we also handle insurance and disputes relating to shipping by ship.

In the aviation sector, our Lawyers are competent in handling our clients’ problems in managing the renewal of pilot and crew cabin licenses, passenger insurance claims against airlines, and claims against airlines. We also assist in handling human resource development at airport support companies such as aviation security, custom, lost and found, cargo and baggage, flying bridge, ticketing

Employment & Human Capital;

Human resources as assets are based on the ability to provide economic benefits for the company in the future. therefore we advice to our multinational clients on all types of employment matters, including fixed term and permanent contracts, mass terminations, union relationships and collective bargaining agreements, strikes and employment disputes, and severance entitlements.

We also provide legal training to companies in drafting company regulations that comply with regulations. In terms of labor disputes, our services include representing clients when required before the relevant Industrial Relations Court

Competition Law;

The act about the Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition, which was implemented to ensure fairness within the Indonesia economy. Issues of unfair competition can have serious ramifications for companies and we assist in identifying risks, evaluating rights and enforcing fairness. Moreover our lawyer help clients in dealing with breach of restraint of trade, unlawful competition, including process before the Indonesian Competition Commission, or KPPU.

Corporate & Foreign Investment;

In our practice area, we provide serve to our client domestic and foreign investor to help start their business in Indonesia, covering all aspects necessary for the establishment and operation of a business in compliance with Indonesian company law. This includes drafting applications for investment approvals and business permits, as well as drafting Articles of Association, organizational structure, permits and other corporate documents.

With practice in business strategy, we advise and guide employers on providing ad vice on regulatory and compliance matters, on foreign and local manpower requirements and corporate governance.

Our lawyers also help if the company fall on a dispute and demand disbandment of the company.

Bankruptcy, Debt Restructuring & Debt Recovery;

We provide the best service for Debtors and/or Creditors in the case of Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU). We are also very experienced in resolving cases related to debt settlement and collection of bad debts or bad investment. We have a wide perspective in handling Bankruptcy cases at The Commercial Court to fulfill the rights of our Clients. We’ve represented the debtor who is experiencing financial difficulties in performing debt repayment obligations, we provide legal assistance to apply for debt restructuring to creditors through the PKPU process or out-of-court settlement.

We have a license as Administrator and Receiver in Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU) and also a
license as Financial Planner for Debtors.

General Litigation & Dispute Resolution;

Legal disputes arise out of many areas of business and personal life. From contractual disputes to more complex civil and commercial matters, it is important to have a seasoned litigator representing you, and fighting for the best possible outcome. We understand the Court processes and procedures and have extensive knowledge and experience in applying legislation, case law and the rules of court to the unique facts of your particular case.

Despite conducting all types of litigation and appearing in courts throughout Indonesia, we always assess the merits of a matter and whether it can be resolved without litigation by means of alternative dispute resolution.

Our extensive expertise in litigation, arbitration, conciliation, mediation, negotiation and other means of pre-empting and settling disputes ensures that disputes are resolved effectively and efficiently. We focus on resolving matters in clients’ best interests and obtaining optimal results.

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  2. Dengan mengirimkan pertanyaan Anda, Anda sadar bahwa hubungan klien penasihat hukum tidak terjadi, dan setuju untuk tidak bergantung pada informasi yang disediakan tanpa berkonsultasi terlebih dahulu dengan penasihat hukum Anda.
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  4. Klinik Alexander Waas tidak dapat digugat maupun dituntut atas segala pernyataan, kekeliruan, ketidaktepatan atau kekurangan dalam setiap konten yang disampaikan dalam Klinik Alexander Waas.
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