About The Firm

We are Fully-Serviced Corporate and Commercial Law Firm with wide experiences throughout Indonesian law practices with a proven track record of success. Formerly known as Alexander Waas & Associates, we grow as a leading Law Firm and transformed to be Alexander Waas Attorneys at Law, PLLC.

We represent businesses ranging from start-ups to multinational companies, corporate executives, professionals and other individuals. We have the skill and experience to get outstanding results, even in the most unusual and complex cases

Value of Services


Caritas means Love, it’s not just a word for us. We apply it to our every breath, every step for ours, and to all our legal service. We do what we love, and we love what we do to provide the best service to our client.


Veritas means Truth, truth is the main reference for us to defend the rights and interests of our clients. On the basis of truth we are able to make impossible becomes possible.


Iusticia means Justice, in law, justice is the main goal, our clients rely on us to get justice for them. And we are ready to fight for it, with love and truth put in together, we believe that justice will follow.